Why Medford Air Sealing Is Important

Medford air sealing is important in a home or work place because it helps to give you energy efficiency. It stops air leakage which helps your cooling and heating systems work less because it will be a standard constant temperature in there with nothing fighting against it. This is just one of the many reasons it is important to seal your house.

The entire life of the building will be increased. Bad air sealing can cause sagging of insulation which can cause the entire house to decrease in strength. Flexibility with air sealing will let the insulation move with the house as it expands and contracts. It will get rid of the air gaps that air can get through to help with temperature control.

Air sealing in Medford is important in the roof mostly because that is where the majority of the heat escapes and comes in from. The wind blows in at the soffits and ridge of the roof while the sun is pounding down on the roof causing ware to it until air holes form. The lack of insulation really takes away from the stability of comfort in your home.

Duct leakage is a problem in the attic. It lets air escape to the attic where it shouldn't be escaping to. The holes on the ceiling due to light fixtures and fans can also exchange air into the attic as well. This just ends up in disaster if everything is not sealed. Everything will start to be effected. The walls, electrical outlets, joints between the wall and ceiling and molding around doors can even leak air. You won't be able to control the inside climate and it can keep getting worse if no action is taken.

The basement can bring cold and humidity up and cause winters to be miserable. Pipes, ducts and gaps in the foundation can just make for big problems. Think of it as dominos. One domino gets knocked down and the next one follows and it just keeps knocking more dominos down.

This can get annoying and really start to wear on your emotions. Uncomfortable homes can make people feel on edge and not get along. Families might not fall apart because of this, but it sure could affect interactions due to stress.

If you have someone come and inspect your house they can find the holes and cracks in your structure, doors and fixtures and keep the house feeling controlled and secure

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