Medford Insulation - Why Air Sealing Is Important

Medford air sealing in your house has many benefits. It is important for more reasons than you normally would think about. Remodeling and purchasing a new home are both reasons to have your house insulated. It provides an air barrier that will protect you and your family from the harmful effects of air leakage. This will help you increase energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality and minimize air moisture related problems such as mold or mildew.

The air sealing in Medford will control energy waste like air leakage which will cause the furnace and air conditioning equipment to work harder and boost up the utility bills. Having an air sealed home will help the performance be more consistent through the whole life of the building. The building will also last longer. The insulation will not settle or sag creating gaps which would decrease the value of the home.

The foam type of air insulation will let the insulation expand/contract with your home which will ensure that the spray foam insulation will adhere to the wall to get rid of air gaps that could get through. Air gets in and out of your home through every crack and every hole. Ceilings walls and floors are the main way that air gets in and out. The spray foam route can get rid of the movement of air because it doesn't have the ability to move once it is set. Every crack will be air tight and it will stay air tight.

The winter heat is usually lost at the peak of the roof in the attic. The radiant heat comes in through the roof from the sun, while the outside weather can come up from blowing in at the soffits and ridge of the roof. The holes and tears in the vapor retarder and house wrap can let air circulate in and out on the sides of the house. The joints in the rooms on the inside of the house can let air ventilate as well. The light fixtures, around wall frames, ceiling fans and joints between the wall and ceiling in the house let the air come and go.

The top and bottom plates of the ceilings and floors let unwanted temperatures and weather in causing them to crack more and possibly even mold. The bathroom and kitchen vents as well as electrical outlets and around door frames can also let the transfer of humidity heat and cold in. The duct leakage can also warp the wood and make the air flow in and out. The cold heat and humidity transfers from the wires pipes ducts and gaps in the crawl to the first floor as well. This can create humidity even in the electric, telephone, internet, cable, and gas supply.

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