The Benefits of Medford Energy Efficient Doors

You can, however, minimise the risk of this by having your Medford replacement door or doors fitted by well qualified and experienced professionals, who will ensure that they are correctly mounted with no gaps to let in draughts.

It is quite rare in the UK for homes to need what the Americans call 'storm doors'. These are often made of uPVC, but also sometimes of steel, and are considered to offer greater protection from the extremes of weather which we are not used to having here in the UK.

However, a porch and storm door can be a good idea if you have an older, less well insulating main front door, and would be particularly useful if the area where the door is sited does not receive much sunlight. It would also, of course, deter thieves, as they would have double the number of obstructions to overcome. UPVC doors come in a wide range of styles and, whereas white was once the dominant colour, other more natural-looking finishes are becoming increasingly popular.

When you are considering the choice of Medford doors available, more and more people are considering energy efficiency as a major priority, so manufacturers are responding by making them from the best-insulating materials, and fitting glass with excellent heat-retaining qualities.

To ensure that the minimum amount of heat is lost, again correctly fitting both the frame and door can make a big difference. A door will often include magnetic weather strips to help achieve a good quality closure. And a door fitted with a bottom expander and vinyl sweep will help keep out draughts where they are most noticed.

Energy efficient doors will greatly decrease drafts in your house which will in turn save you money on your heating bills. By retaining more of the heat inside your property, your heating will need to work less hard, so you won't need to run it for the same length of time.

With all this emphasis on energy efficiency and saving money, it's easy to forget another of the major reasons for fitting new energy-efficient doors - that they look good!

There's no need to compromise on style, so you can choose doors which totally reflect the period and styling of your home, yet still make a major contribution to cutting your energy costs.

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