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Contact us today for a complete home energy audit and see where you can start saving money on your monthly utility bills.

We are a trade ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon and a member of the State Home Oil Weatherization Program.  Through our associations we assist our clients in obtaining as many cash incentives and tax credits as possible.

All Phase Weatherization, LLC., serves all of Southern Oregon, we provide the most comprehensive approach to increasing the overall energy efficiency of your Medford home or business. 


All Phase Weatherization, LLC. - A Jackson County Home Performance Specialist

With the latest, most advance home performance equipment and a highly experienced staff in Jackson County, we have the tools to handle any Jackson County home performance task. We're not happy until you're happy. In addition to providing first-rate service, we also keep our prices fair by leveraging our experience and relationships with manufacturers to create a streamlined and cost-efficient process in Jackson County.

Jackson County Air Sealing

Doing what is best for the client is one of the many reasons we have been in the Jackson County community for so long. If we put your interests forward, everyone wins. We are a residential home performance contractor dedicated to providing service that's as unbeatable as our rates, and that's the #1 reason our Jackson County clients come back to us for all their home performance needs. We specialize in air sealing your home to help you save energy and money. We also provide foam insulation, save energy, wall insulation, spray foam insulation, home insulation and spray insulation.

Jackson County Indoor Air

Indoor air quality is the quality of air around and within structures and buildings as related to the comfort and health of the space’s occupants. There are many factors that affect IAQ such as mold and bacteria (microbial contaminants), particulates, and gases like radon, carbon monoxide and organic compounds and all mass stressors that can result to dangerous health conditions. Today, indoor air quality has become a major health issue compared to the hazards of outdoor air.
So far, ventilation, source control and filtration are the best methods to dilute all contaminants in indoor air. In order to determine indoor air quality, there will be a need to collect air samples on the building’s surfaces and constant monitoring of human exposure to the pollutants present in the air. Computer technology offers a modeling of air flows in homes and buildings to check how it affects the quality of indoor air that one breathes.

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