Clean Energy Works Oregon

Qualifying applicants also get a free Home Performance Assessment, a $500 value.

With Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO), making your home more energy efficient and comfortable is finally within reach. A Home Energy Remodel through CEWO may reduce your home’s energy waste by 15%, 20%, 30% or even more. No money down, no fee financing means there are no out-of-pocket upfront costs, while a fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) as low as 5.99% keeps monthly payments low. Some of our lending partners can even place loan payments on your heating utility bill, so you won’t have extra bills to pay. For many homeowners, the energy they save even offsets a good portion of their monthly loan payment.

How much your Home Energy Remodel will cost depends on your home’s potential for energy savings and of course, how much you want spend. The more energy your home will save, the more you can finance – up to $30,000 if your Home Energy Remodel is projected to reduce your home’s energy waste by 30% or more. We’ve added Instant Rebates up to $3,700 to help make this even more affordable. The table below features average project costs from the Clean Energy Works Portland Pilot Program along with our bottom line energy savings and cost projections for participating homeowners.


  1. CEWP did not offer window upgrades. To the extent that CEWO participants elect to include window upgrades, average project costs will likely be higher.
  2. Instant Rebates are offered on a limited time basis to qualified applicants that complete the CEWO upgrade and loan program and are subject to availability.
  3. Estimated Monthly Loan Payments are based on Enterprise Cascadia loan terms currently offered as part of the CEWO program. Loan terms may change without notice.
  4. Energy Savings projections are based on average modeled savings realized in CEWP and levelized over a twelve month period. For purposes of this calculation, constant energy prices at 2010 levels are assumed. Actual savings per month will vary based on seasonality and individualized consumption. Energy Savings, or the specific amount thereof, will vary based on individual circumstances and behavior, and no actual energy savings are promised or guaranteed by any of the partners involved for CEWO.
  5. Estimated Monthly Net Costs are based on estimated monthly loan payments less annual modeled potential energy savings levelized over a twelve month period. Actual costs will vary depending on individual project costs, energy savings potential achieved, participant behavior, and overall energy usage. No representation or warranty relative to estimated costs is intended or given by any of the partners involved with CEWO.

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